Friday, May 13, 2011



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Apologies in advance for Paul's sound quality - as you'll hear in the show, some technical difficulties making El Pablo Suave almost completely inaudible.  The good news for Skype users is that it wasn't Skype that was fouling up, it was Spike's cable connection slowing to, literally, 0.09mbps.  To paraphrase the late, great Tony Wilson; if you understand that, great.  If you don't understand it, that's fine too... but you should probably read your cable modem's instruaction manual.

0:02.42 - Bluray drool-worthy purchase heads off Paul's Week In Stuff with the most crystal clear transfer of Fritz Lang's "M".  Then, a trip to the library of congress' "National Jukebox", which features some surprises.

liften to ye jukeboxe at thif linke:

0:11:51 - Spike's Week In Stuff features more viewing of season of "Taxi", finishing off the three-part John Simm/Jim Broadbent drama "Exile" and - surprisingly - listening to Slash's Snakepit.  Also on the telly, nine hours of "Howdy Doody".  NINEHOURS.

0:24:15 - This week's question; Nostalgia Done Me Wrong.  We asked the commentariat if they'd ever been disappointed (or surprised) by media they exprerienced as a kid, but formed a *different* opinion as an adult.


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