Thursday, September 9, 2010

Too Grumpy Movie Club: Flash Gordon (1980)

Flash! ppcchhheeww! aah-aaaahhh! Saviour of the u-ni-verse! ner ner ner-ner ner NER!

That's the sound of Queen, and what better band to score one of the campest movies of the 20th century, right kids? It's Paul's turn on the Too Grumpy Movie Club and, inspired by a stunning new BluRay transfer of the - ahem - classic, has tossed the green egg/football thing to you, for your opinion.

Grab a hold of the movie any way that you can (Netflix has it, but not on instant streaming; ditto Love Film), and let us know what you think. Is it your first time seeing it? Maybe it's your last time. Loved it? Hated it? Indifferent? tell us at The Usual Address, or sign in with your existing Facebook or Twitter account at and leave a comment.

We'll need your thoughts by Wednesday the 15th of September at 6pm us/11pm uk at the latest, so get cracking!.

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