Friday, March 26, 2010

210: Unpopular Laws

The Paul And Spike Show: Friday March 26th, 2010.






0:00:00 - Choice time... health care or catch-up? Hmmm... Catch-up it is! The Boys sift through some leftover correspondence from the Commentariat, including a long (but worthy) email about pop songs that don't mean anything, some catchup lists from last week's 'music for a remote location of indeterminate terrain' and a Skype message from a show foe.

0:25:40 - Pickin' And Grinnin'; the segment of the show that eyes the week's news and current affairs through the bottom of a giant jug with 'XXX' written on it.

0:27:50 - This Week In Stuff, where The Boys share, as you might have already inferred, their week... wait for it... in Stuff. What books they be's readin', what tv shows they be a-watchin', what porn they be whac... yes, well never mind that. Paul's knocked two more movies from the Ebert list: French silent japery with "Mr. Hulot's Holiday" and Ingmar Bergman's "Per HEY! JUST TO LET YOU KNOW, YOU ARE CURRENTLY READING THE TEXT BREAKDOWN OF EPISODE 210 OF THE PAUL AND SPIKE SHOW! GOT IT? ALRIGHTY THEN! sona". He's been reading Terry Brooks' self-aware fantasy novel "The Magic Kingdom For Sale - SOLD!", featuring the author's business card halfway through.

0:44:33 - Spike the slow reader has been enjoying the work of fellow radio geek John Osborne, "Radio Head: Up and Down The Dial Of British Radio", he's been disappointed that the deconstructionist Python-flavoured TV sketch show "End Of Part One" has been ignored for so long, and - inspired by Paul's hardy work with the Ebert list - has started plodding his way through "Play For Today", starting with 1979's "Comedians". (which is available, although who knows for how long, on The You Tubes.)

1:01:40 - Following the divisive health care bill that was signed into law, this week's question is: what potentially unpopular (but ultimately good for the general populous) law would you force into being? Ideas include the death penalty for people who talk on cellphones whilst driving, adoption-style lifestyle checks for natural born children, chocolate for the unemployed, the ability to opt out of social security, and loitering teenagers being forced into public service. It's not too late to submit your laws - send them to The Usual Address.


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