Friday, March 19, 2010

209: Mark Morriss, Locked In The Bathroom, Listening To Himself

The Paul And Spike Show: Friday March 19th, 2010.





This week, The Boys are joined by Mark Morriss, a musical genius who is far too polite to eager strangers with podcasts and way too generous with his spare time.

0:00:00- Ruh-roh, Raggy. A lawyers' letter, regarding a statement on the previous show? That can't be good news... Plus, some more catchup mail from last week.

0:12:38 - Pickin' And Grinnin', the weekly current affairs roundup that is to the week's news what green jello and Edam cheese are to the state of Missouri; almost completely meaningless and unconnected.

0:15:05 - Solo artist and Bluetones frontman Mark Morriss joins The Boys to discuss his upcoming projects, previous dodgy management and why babysitting pays more than being a rock star. Also, marvel at his frighteningly accurate Glaswegian accent. Pure quali'y, mate!

0:30:21 - Mark's Week In Stuff includes being forced to enjoy "Glee" by his 'life partner'; mother of his Boy George. No, wait. Mother of his boy, comma, George. Paul gets pwned on a "Saved By The Bell" reference, and Spike reveals way too much about private lumberjack clubs that are only advertised on the internet. Touring means Mark's not had much chance to watch much TV, but there's plenty of time for name-dropping and more than enough time for putting his feet up with a glass of brandy, a cigar and... ahem... listening to himself.

0:39:10 - With no sleep since the last show and loaded up on caffeine pills, Paul forced himself to watch all of Oliver Stone's "JFK" end to end, a film that inflamed a 19 year old Mark's conspiratorial mind. Meanwhile, Paul can't get no. He can't get-him-no. He can't get no. Satisfacshauwn when it comes to the picture and sound quality of "Devo, Live In The Land Of The Rising Sun".

0:44:54 - Spike's fallen in love with Karen Carpenter all over again thanks to a recent TV doco. As a result, his daughter Spikette has fallen out of love with his singing, and does what it takes to block it out. He saw, but can't say, "The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus", and Gilliam fan Mark's taking "Tideland" on the road with him to watch later. Let's hope that the in-movie snacks don't include peanut butter. Ew.

0:51:53 - After a cheeky ciggy (not a fag break, lest rumours start before any American tours...) The Boys are back with some questions for Mark from the commentariat, some star-struck fanboy inquiries and this week's big question: we can't say "desert island songs" legally, so The Boys decide on asking for "Five Songs To Take To A Remote Location Of Indeterminate Terrain". Five songs/tunes/movements (including two albums) that you simply can't live the rest of your lonely life on a remote location of indeterminate terrain without. Rather than bombard you with a big fat list of songs, our production monkeys have spent hour upon hour collating most of the songs that were listed, and made a handy dandy playlist for you to refer to.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

It should be above. If not, you either need to enable flash on your browser or thump your monitor really hard on the top til it shows up. [addendum: The Paul And Spike Show, Radio Six International or its affiliate stations are not responsible for damage caused to personal computer equipment sustained through following instructions given on this website] We're guessing it works in countries other than the US. If not, let us know. (We're working on a UK friendly playlist, check back in a couple of days if the one above won't play)

YOU! It's a proven fact that your iPod/Zune/off-brand mp3 player-of-choice needs more Bluetones and Mark Morriss. Buy some. Immediately.

"Expecting To Fly": AMAZON.CO.UK / AMAZON.COM

"Return To The Last Chance Saloon": AMAZON.CO.UK / AMAZON.COM

"Science And Nature": AMAZON.CO.UK / AMAZON.COM

"Luxembourg": AMAZON.CO.UK

"The Bluetones": AMAZON.CO.UK / AMAZON.COM

"A Rough Outline - Singles And B-Sides": AMAZON.CO.UK / AMAZON.COM

Mark Morriss, "Memory Muscle": AMAZON.CO.UK / AMAZON.COM

The Bluetones are on tour. So, you better get ready, they maybe comin' to your toooowwwnnnn:

Hey! Remember MySpace? Ah, Halcyon days...

Catch Mark's acoustic not-going-barmy-and-the-baby's-old-enough tour at the fine venues listed here. Ask him to do "Call The Shots" and tell you the joke about the gambling butcher.


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