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The Paul And Spike Show Live: Friday March 12th, 2010.


Friday! March! The twelfth! Twenty-ten! 7pm Eastern! Midnight GMT! Whatever time that would be in New Zealand! Yes folks, that was the time that the first ever live edition of The Paul And Spike Show was broadcast across 88.5 World FM and Radio Six International, kicking off their celebration of ten years streaming online. And here is that broadcast, warts and all. (newscasts not included)

0:00:00 - And they're off, with what was termed "the most epic top-of-hour theme I've ever heard" by Twitterer @alan_shaw

0:02:15 - Oh dear.... is it going wonky? Could the first live show in the history of TPASS going Pete Tong?

0:05:45 - Yep... going wrong. Greeeaaat. Oh well, there's always drink updates to pass the time whilst the test card plays.


doo dee dee doot doot, de doo dee dee doot doot de doo dee dee...


0:07:22 - I know it's tempting, but don't call. If you are reading this sentence, the contact details don't apply to you. But, if you *really* want to add your tuppence to the subjects at hand, you can send it to The Usual Address, and they'll address it on a future catchup.

0:12:51 - Catchup time - the comments from last week that came in late or that The Boys didn't have time to get to, including a "get comfy" email that leads to a discussion that links baseball, steaks, cruel and unusual punishment and an edict from the health department.

0:18:18 - "Attention, K-Mart shoppers.... bluuuaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!"

0:26:15 - Whoa, what happened? Pickin' And Grinnin' just sort of.... started. Weird.

0:29:32 - What was the funniest joke in the history of Happy Days? It's not a quizzy (nor is it part of any testys)

0:33:00 - This Week In Stuff: Paul "enjoyed the heck out of" the Sam Rockwell movie "Moon". Spike gets pelters from the peanut gallery for ruining plots. Charming. Paul needs to clear a large section of his calendar so he can watch his Ebert-pick-in-waiting movie "JFK". This leads Spike to completely forget the name of Henry Kissinger. There's been more "Star Trek" on bluray, and some Devo! Oh, and that falsetto band with the hitler moustache Spike was talking about? Sparks. Click here.

0:56:20 - Spike's WIS has been full and rich including a trip to the cinema to see, on purpose, "Alice In Wonderland", more enthralling coverage from the 1974 British general election (no spoilers), and explains why "Boy A" relates to a recent news story.

1:32:42 - Do you wash your car in New Zealand while you listen to The Paul And Spike Show? Send us a picture!

1:33:26 - This week's question: "1 Perfect Piece of Pop"... you have to say what you consider to be a perfect piece of pop music and why. Maybe it's the...

* musical construction/ innovation

* lyrical genius [the brilliant banality of The Day Before You Came by Abba, for example...]

* 'game-changers' [Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood versus censorship by Radio1, I'm looking at you...]

* personal reasons [the song that captured the moment of your first kiss, for example...]

* that kind of thing...


Remember - you can always keep in touch with The Boys by emailing, by catching them on twitter [@spikester @higginbothamp] on Facebook, and by joining the Google Wave at


Ten years streaming, eh? Amazing! Don't forget that Radio Six International broadcasts around the clock, around the world, bringing you all kinds of entertainment, from the best of unsigned bands to classics, to niche music that's just not catered to elsewhere. Find R6i's programming on a myriad of stations worldwide, or online all the time at

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