Friday, February 19, 2010

205: Love, Puke and Childhood Desires

The Paul And Spike Show: February 5th, 2010.




0:00:00 - Love and beer are in the air chez Nez, but only puke is in the air at Paul's. And on the floor. Plus, there's something ghastly in the colander. Stomach flu reigns supreme at Higginbotham Towers this week, and also at Spike's sister's. Interestingly, a previous episode of The Paul And Spike Show was the trigger....

0:11:08 - Google Buzz is here, and The Boys have been buzzing. Are there benefits? Is it the Facebook killer everyone says it is? Or is it just another pointless add-on?

0:24:34 - Pickin' And Grinnin'; Them Boys is takin' a looksee at the news of the week, yuh-huh.

0:27:44 - This Week In Stuff, where The Boys share their media weeks in order to help you make better decisions. Nightbird Paul has watching plenty of stuff, including John Wayne's "Red River"and the not-a-samurai-movie "Le Samouraï", both from the Ebert list. It's actually a gangster movie. Je suis petite Caesar, regarde?? Also watched, but not on the Ebert list, "Downfall" - the world war two movie that spurned a million memes.

0:42:27 - The pollution of the minds of Spike's kids continues, as he shows them the greatest episode of the Nickelodeon classic "Rocko's Modern Life", expresses disappointment over the German TV/distant out-of-focus webcam debut of the newly restored "Metropolis" and keeps it in the neighbourhood with "Earth: The Power Of The Planet". Highlight of the week was "The Chaos/Steam Experiment", Paul does his best to figure out in which order the characters get bumped off in. All things being well (and timezones worked out), actor Eve Mauro may join The Boys next week.

1:08:11 - This week's question comes from @weecuppatea, referencing a BBC article about the results of a study regarding the career goals of kids. So, the nice and simple question on this week's show is... what did you want to be when you grew up? And remember, it's never too late to join in the fun, regardless of when you listen to the show. Send your answers/thoughts/corrections/snarky-ass comments to the usual address.


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