Friday, February 12, 2010

204: Film Geek / Embarrassing Movies

The Paul And Spike Show: February 5th, 2010.



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This week, The Film Geek stops by to say hello, talk about movies and confess how he ditched his wife at some event or other. Charming! Plenty of movies reviewed/commented on, plus the commentariat share their most embarrassing additions to their DVD collections.

0:00:00 Please read this description carefully, as our nouns have changed. Paul has discovered the antidepressant qualities contained in DJ Hero. Mrs Higginbotham... not so much. Wikki wikki wikki wikki!

0:03:44 Rubix cube in hand and wife away, The Boys are joined by blogger The Film Geek for the duration of the show. Plans are hatched for what may be the single greatest retro drink in history. Well, the history of the 1980s at least...

0:11:54 As a time-sensitive legal obligation: "so.. how 'bout that Superbowl? Eh, lads?" Plus, Simon Cowell's hideously poor-taste choice for a Haiti charity single is out-poor-tasted by Paul's.

0:21:06 Iiiiiiit's Pickin' And Grinnin', the only news and current affairs segment to include banjos. (Outside of Tennessee, obviously.)

0:23:42 The Boys and The Film Geek share their Weeks In Stuff, the review/preview segment that helps you make better media choices, either by embracing or rejecting their picks. TFG's been filling up (y'see what I did there?) with "The Tooth Fairy", "Inglorious Bastards" and "The Hurt Locker", and has a million kind words to say about Stanley Tucci's performance in "The Lovely Bones".

0:42:33 Two more Ebert movies crossed off the list for Paul; Spain's upper crust (and possibly a curly-headed bloke called "M├ędico Que") are destroyed in "The Exterminating Angel" (¡EXTERMINATO! ¡EXTERMINATO!), and "Pickpocket". Also, let down the Bat-Ladder and hand him the shark repellant Bat-spray! On the nightstand, a cheery little tome called "The Road". Aahhh, that'll set you up for the day!

0:55:30 The documentary that Spike can't remember is "The Virtual Revolution", hosted by Dr Aleks Krotoski, otherwise known as "Mrs The Director". Oh, and Pardon Me... have you seen the new NumaNuma-tastic viral video yet? And all the replies? It all comes from Robert Popper's blog.

1:08:04 TFG finally explains how and why he abandoned his wife...

1:09:12 This week's question for The Boys and the commentariat is, naturally, movie themed. What movie in your collection are you most embarrassed by, or that you shouldn't like? Hey, the discussion doesn't have to end at the copyright notice - if you want to submit your embarrassing movies (anonymity honoured on request) then do so at the usual address!


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