Wednesday, January 27, 2010

202: Roundtable

The Paul And Spike Show: January 29th, 2010.


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This week, our heroes are joined by (some of) the cast of, the internets' most pop culturally aware source for news, reviews and previews, commentary, trailers and oddities. Coop (twitter | website), Joey (twitter | website), Caveman (twitter | website) and Heather (twitter | website) drop by to discuss the cult of PopBunker, their week in stuff, and their picks for Over/Under. Why is the opening jingle there twice? Don't ask me...

0:00:00 It sounds like some potential bad news, as Spike sorts out his feelings for Paul. Paul, however, is more concerned about the lack of people using the Paul And Spike Show Google Wave experiment.

0:16:24 Yes! It's back! The week's current affairs, as seen through an oxycontin haze - Pickin' And Grinnin'!

0:18:40 Episode one of "A Very Special PopBunker". Not really. The gang are in, and what a Week In Stuff they've had!

  • 0:30:24 - a simple WIS for birthday boy Caveman, he's been to see religious action movie "The Book Of Eli". *(Mel Gibson not included)

  • 0:32:59 - Joey was blown away the trailer of vampire movie 'Daybreakers'. "But," he says, "like the vampires - the movie sucks." And no... they don't sparkle.

  • 0:34:36 - Los Angeles geek girl comic book fan Heather's week was dominated by being kidnapped and made to read the first edition of "Ex Machina". Once freed, she was also able to enjoy Neil Gaiman's "Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader" and Grant Morrison's "All Star Superman".

  • 0:37:00 - Coop and Mrs Coop have been trying hard to kick their "Merlin" habit, plus Coop's been struggling with the titles of Ian Rankin's "Rebus" series and enjoying Denis Leary's book, only some of which is written in all caps.

  • 0:41:47 - Following the review on last week's show, Paul and Mini-Paul enjoyed "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs", and his Ebert-Of-The-Week was the salacious-sounding "Peeping Tom". Also, thanks to the fine folks at Book View Cafe, "Rocket Boy And The Geek Girls". Really.

  • 0:45:21 - Spike's been overdosing on his comedy namesake Spike Milligan with episodes of "Q9" and "Milligan In...", and shook his head in anguish at the mainstreamocity of the Python-written "No, That's Me Over Here". But what a good idea for improving "Scotland's Winter Wonderland"...

0:51:50 The first Over/Under of the new year is a real head-scratcher. The concave-chested hipsters, the cast of PopBunker and the commentariat discuss their choices for most over-rated and most under-rated TV shows of the 1990s. Some surprising choices for Overs and some long-lost Unders. Thoughts? Agreements? Disagreements? The discussion doesn't have to stop at the copyright notice. Send an email to the usual address if you've got any thorts.


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