Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year, from Paul And Spike

The Best Of Paul And Spike: Friday January 1st, 2010.

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Ah, what a year it's been! And instead of palming off a best-of filled with stuff you can still get, and that's still fresh in your mind from the past twelve, we've decided to reach into the archives and palm off some years-old material from The Boys' days in old fashioned radio. On the slate this week, lottery winner Jack Whittaker, so-called POW Jessica Lynch, Janet Jackson, a drunk meteorologist and... tattoos?

01:35 - In 2002, Jack Whittaker became the largest lottery winner in Powerball history. In 2003, Jack Whittaker gets robbed of half a million dollars at a local fast food joint/strip bar. Paul and Spike were there with dissection of the incident and a local edition of the tv show "Cops"...

26:20 - In 2003, Jessica Lynch was injured by an Iraqi roadside bomb and - so the US military said - put a Jack Bauer-style single-handed beatdown on the elite republican guard, crawled out of the hospital, on fire, with eight orphans under each arm, cured cancer, de-colorized "Casablanca" and was home in time for dinner. Paul and Spike were there the day she came back home to West Virginia, and revealed the niceness of locals who won't be told...

34:57 - The Paul And Spike Show - brought to you by the FlexTech2000!

37:19 - Groundhog Day! Every February second, some oaf in a daft hat in a place with an odd name manhandles a rodent out of a box and then claims it's going to be colder for six more weeks. Go figure. Paul And Spike have their very own meteorological prognosticator; Drinksalotty Phil - played to perfection by WKLC's Brian Thompson.

43:46 - It's the day after the great Janet Jackson Superbowl scandal, and the wound is still raw. The Boys and the callers dissect the preceding day's events through a "did that really happen?" haze.

50:35 - As the man says, "it's nothing to do with anything". A random 'driveway moment', as The Boys discuss tattoos. It's not a discussion that will change the world, but it's hella interesting.


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