Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Best Of Paul And Spike

The Best Of Paul And Spike: Friday December 4th, 2009.

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00:00 A brief history of Paul And Spike - after a decade of working together, Spike picks through the archives from 'old fashioned radio'.

01:43 Radio Six International and Central FM broadcaster, Reid Kerr College lecturer and Sony award-winning radio genius John Collins used to act as international correspondent for The Boys' morning show. In this clip from May 2003, they discuss AM stereo, why Paul's car stereo cut out when he hit the breaks, a dead political candidate, Amnesty International's opinion of America and - big news - the start of "Big Brother 3" .....but *is* it the green goblin??

20:51 "The Best Of The Paul And Spike Show" is brought to you by prescription PedraBack (with a low risk of sexual side effects).

22:20 Competition time!! From October 2002, The Boys are joined by news experts extraordinaire Chris Lawrence and Nicky Walters to play "The Match Game". There's a pizza to be won, and the British slang for undies to be explained.

30:09 Going back to October 2000, a man called Fred Dylan from the local St Albans Culture Club becomes a show meme.

36:20 "The Best Of The Paul And Spike Show" is brought to you by 2004's newest late-night talk show...

38:13 The strange story of local TV news anchor Tom McGee who gets home confinement following a string of DUI arrests. In addition to a song from the archives, The Boys take a pathos-heavy and satirical look at how he was going to spend time at home.

52:08 From January 2003, a very large man points a very large gun at a very frightened foreigner....

55:00 Ah, the heady days of the year 2000 presidential election. The Boys dissect Gore Vs Bush at the town hall debate.

1:00:38 Oh dear, "Biography For Radio" has gone missing, leaving our heroes to fill the gap with the Internet Movie Database and a kazoo. Show-stopping hilarity ensues.

1:04:53 West Virginia's governor Bob Wise has decided not to run for a second term, following an affair with a state worker. In this episode of their weekly sit-com "Days Of Our Wise", The Boys reveal what was *really* going on in the Governor's mansion....

1:13:08 It's amazing what a little rain will do to a community. It's even more amazing what a little rain's effects on a community will do to local TV's news departments, who are otherwise starved of big stories. Local 6's "FLOODAGEDDON 03" coverage goes overboard with coverage.

1:20:05 Ropey quality, but a geek-friendly glimpse onto Mars gives one an OCD-friendly glimpse into the comings, goings and movements of a radio overnight guy, and his tattling bus driver. All your Mars Rovers are belong to us. That's whaaa haaaaappened!


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