Friday, December 11, 2009

#136 - Have A Stonking Holi/stmas!

The Paul And Spike Show, episode #136: Friday December 11th, 2009.

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It's the festive season, and The Boys are joined by Two Men And A Ghost for some festive spook hunting, Christmarsery and some shocking cracker jokes.

00:00 With a generic "Happy Holidays" from one, and a Merry "if you take December 25th off, you're observing Christmas, whether you like it or not" from the other, the final TPASS of the year gets underway. How are The Boys faring up with the constant onslaught of Christmas music? Paul's daughter has attached herself to Bing Crosby, Spike whines about the dilution of the holiday spirit.

11:45 Did you enjoy last week's "Best Of"? Several emailers didn't hear it, but heard it was phenomenal. The Boys celebrate a working relationship of ten years, and look forward to next year's guests and more relaxation over the holiday season whilst they palm off more "Best Of" compilations on you, the frenzied fanbase.

20:56 Ho Ho Ho, etcetera. No Pickin' And Grinnin' on this, the final show of the year. Instead, some hideously embarrassing Christmas cracker jokes. Paper hats on, this is going to get rough...

25:23 The two men from the Two Men And A Ghost blog, Andrew Wooding and Mike Kazybrid, join The Boys to discuss their Week In Stuff. Andrew's been watching the new Dr Who cartoon, attending two concerts and teaching Paul a new word...

34:13 Mike's had a weird week, he's been enjoying the new Alison Moyet CD and "Terminator 4", which, he says, leaves the door open for part five; "Terminator: The Stonking". Also - he teases a boiler man story that might change your life. What you don't know about this boiler man story could save your life!

54:02 Paul's love for Frank Zappa has been re-invigorated thanks to a streaming Netflix doco (it is streamed, on whatever it is he streams it on there) about the makings of albums "Apostrophe" and "Over-Nite Sensation". It's Christmas in Higginbotham Towers, with a yearly reading of "A Christmas Carol" and "The Man Who Invented Christmas" by Les Standiford, about how Charles Dickens' novel re-lit the worlds' Christmas spirit.

59:48 Spike's got "Harry Brown" to see, and watched a doco about the making of "Band Aid". Phil Collins gets some rare praise, and Midge Ure finally gets recognition for his work.

1:10:45 Yes! It's here! It's finally here! THE BOILERMAN STORY!! Yeeeaahh! Gather the family around the radio! Guaranteed, you will never look at a blue bucket in the same way again, nor will you ever want to eat another breadcake...

1:19:00 Andrew and Mike have gone professional! Thanks to their ghosthunting activities, they've been invited to official properties to put an official stamp of approval on important buildings. Read the full story on the Two Men And A Ghost blog closer to Christmas....

1:44:18 It being the festive season and all The Boys and The Two Men list the festive movies they can't live without.


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