Saturday, November 28, 2009

#135 - "What Makes You So Good To Me, Chinky?"

The Paul And Spike Show: Friday November 27th, 2009.

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00:00 Wow, everything you ever wanted to know about NOTHING WHATSOEVER. The Boys ignore their guest for most of the show so that Spike can recount some useless garbage about something that didn't work. Woo.

10:00 This week's guest is a man who, by his own admission, has nothing to plug and nothing interesting to say. But he has the dirt on Spike. Interesting.

19:36 Is there a way to say "Lady Gaga" and NOT sound ridiculous? Probably not - but she's gone "gaga" (see what I did there?) over the fact that online music service Spotify (see also: Pandora) isn't making artists rich. Incidentally; how do you make Lady Gaga mad? ....Poker face.

24:45 Pickin' And Grinnin', in which the week's news is country fried.

26:41 It's This Week In Stuff, where The Boys share their media week. Fraser's in-flight entertainment included the excellent and entirely uncut "Up", but not the edited seven-minute airline version of "Behind The Green Door". He also managed to bear five whole seconds of "GI Joe", but most of the AHEM-manesque "Cold Souls". He followed a many shows old recommendation of Paul's and picked up Julian Barnes' "Nothing To Be Frightened Of", and his novel "Arthur & George"... problem is, Paul has no recollection of it - there is a chance to check off several squares on "Paul And Spike Bingo®" though.

36:13 Paul's week has seen some Ebert redemption in 1919's hilariously un-PC "Broken Blossoms" (also known as - I kid you not - "The Yellow Man And The Girl", adapted from the story "The Chink And The Child"), and sat in the dark by himself to watch the provocative 1981 animated movie "Heavy Metal". Ye-e-e-esssss.

40:37 A disappointing and self indulgent week for the sniff-heavy and flu-ridden Spike, with the "Best Of The Left" podcast that seems to take everything that NPR does wrong and emulates it, and a newly discovered podcast called "The Paul And Spike Show". Wait, what? Also, he went to see - voluntarily - "Twilight: New Moon" and offers two reviews; the film snob review and one from the perspective of the movie's target audience. Either way, one thing's for sure - Bella's a bitch.

58:16 This week's question: What was the first poster you hung on your wall? Answers range from cars to stars to itchy arses.


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