Thursday, November 12, 2009

#133: Sesame Scandals, Kurosawa, Death, and Big Yellow Taxi.

The Paul And Spike Show: Friday November 13th, 2009.

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A mixed bag this week, as the show swings wildly from scandal to banjos, from life-changing movies to life-ending dramas, and from Sticky Fingers to a Big Yellow Taxi:

Paul is teetering on the edge of his eighteenth nervous breakdown, thanks to "a Volkswagen-sized hole" in his front yard. Spike, as always, is just plain boring. The Boys discuss reasons (and methods) of starting a heroin habit to help them cope and to pass the time. Never claim that TPASS isn't educational...

08:41 Some great stuff going on in the news; Glenn Beck loses a lawsuit but gets what he asked for, and Sesame Street is 40 years old and riddled with scandals.

31:43 What better way to cover the serious topic of international news and current affairs than to do so with banjos and puns? It's Pickin' And Grinnin', boy howdy.

34:05 This Week In Stuff, the segment where The Boys share their media week, in order to recommend/warn you and help you make better decisions. In theory. (I think they just like talking about themselves, personally...) Paul's "Ebert Movie Of The Week" is Akira Kurosawa's "Ikiru"; a movie that's not only entertaining, it's LIFE-CHANGING! Something that wasn't life-changing, but was terribly disturbing, was "Pan's Labyrinth" - not to be confused with the early 1980s David Bowie movie. ...or was that "The Dark Crystal"? Plus, freebies!! Paul, as you know, is a resident blogger at Kindleville, and was sent some free e-books from Book View Cafe. Lucky dawg.

53:45 Spike's media week is part remake, part forward-looking: he took in the recent rehashing of "The Taking Of Pelham 123" (cue jokes about how he had never seen the first hundred and twenty four of them...) with the express (no pun, etc) intention of making fun of it on the show, but finds a whole different outcome. He is very much looking forward to watching two awesome pieces of television. A live seance by so-called medium Derek Acorah to try and contact Michael Jackson, and a "what if?" drama set in a fictional Britain where the death penalty has been re-introduced. Its first victim... Gary Glitter.

1:10:42 Following on from a conversation The Boys had a few weeks ago, the topic for discussion is albums. Have ipods and CD changers messed up the artform of the LP? Is the hard work the artist and producer do sculpting the perfect running order gone forever thanks to the shuffle culture? They talk about the last albums that they listened to end-to-end. Paul fell in love with the Rolling Stones' "Sticky Fingers", and Spike found a new appreciation for Nick Drake's "Five Leaves Left". What's the last album you listened to end to end? Let 'em know at The Usual Address. Furthermore, the fact that frthey paved paradise, put up a parking lot. With a big hotel, a boutique and a swiiiiinngin' hot spooootrd to ignore. Right? Yeah, you bet.


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