Friday, October 30, 2009

#131 - Halloween Special, with Two Men And A Ghost

The Paul And Spike And Two Men And A Ghost Show: Friday October 30th, 2009.

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And click here to subscribe to the Paul And Spike Show, using iTunes or any feedreader.

In this Halloween spectacular (yes, I avoided saying "spooktacular" on purpose) The Boys are joined by Two Men And A Ghost. The Two Men in question, Mike Kazybrid and Andrew Wooding have been working in comics for over 30 years and have written and drawn characters such as Spider-Man, Desperate Dan, Transformers, Bananaman, The Bash Street Kids, The Tick, Count Duckula, Do-Do Man, Savage Sidney, Shaun the Sheep, and many, many more. Recently, they've turned their talents to the supernatural, and are searching Sheffield for the truth about local ghostly legends... that's if they remember their flashlights, of course.

00:00 Good LORD above, does the technical torment never stop with these two? More computer issues? It might be the ghosts that are messing with the Paul And Spike Show equipment, or - Occam's razor - it might be operator error.

05:41 Neither of The Boys are going to go and see "This Is It!", the Michael Jackson movie (ee-hee! oohhh!), but Rush Limbaugh gets fished in by a thesis that turned out to not have been written by Barack Obama, and refuses to deny it's hoaxeyness, so there's that to talk about in a slow news week.

14:45 Wait, did we say "slow news week"? Not bloody likely - there's plenty to talk about, via the gift of banjos, mandolins and crystal meth, in "Pickin' And Grinnin'!".

17:06 You know that "This Week In Stuff" is the segment of the show where The Boys disclose their media week in order to help you make better TV/movie/literature decisions, right? Well! This week, it's Celebrity This Week In Stuff as the British comic industry's finest artist slash writer combo Andrew Wooding and Mike Kazybrid join The Boys. Andrew's looking to the future and has Terry Gilliam's "The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus" and the new season of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" to see. Marvel artist Mike's had a rip-rolling time with the "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" movie, and has a very interesting story about how an ex-Time Bandit almost became his uncle... Poor Mrs Higginbotham; she's being driven crazy thanks to Paul's re-discovery of Fleetwood Mac, and he has crossed another Ebert movie off the list; "Gates Of Heaven" - a documentary about pet cemeteries. Yes, you read that right. As for Spike, another week listening to South African talk station Talk Radio 702 has provided him with "the greatest piece of radio I have ever heard in my life". His South African accent's not gotten any better, though.

41:36 Some listener mail poses interesting discussion points: does Morrissey have "a dark appetite for tofu"? Can "The Wizard Of Oz" get any more garish? Does "The Nightmare Before Christmas" count as a Halloween movie, or a Christmas movie? Or both? Has Andrew's Mom ever been proposed to by Sneezy? And how does one put a record turntable into shuffle mode?

46:37 You simply won't believe what the Two Men And A Ghost have found roaming around Sheffield after midnight. Between shining lights into private residences, muddy trousers and police helicopters, it's only a matter of time before they end up in jail.

57:00 What are ghosts? Are they the wandering souls of dead people, are they hidden recordings, or are they hallucinations conjured up by electrical energy? The Two Men and The Boys discuss their beliefs, but what do you think? Let them know at The Usual Address.
1:11:10 It being Halloween and all, The Boys and The Men discuss their picks for best movie or TV show to get someone in the mood for the spooky holiday. What did you watch? Email the show and let 'em know.


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