Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Paul And Spike Show Podcast #127

The Paul And Spike Show: Friday September 25th, 2009.

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A very retrospective show this week. See if you can count the number of times the phrase "we've spoken about this before" is used. We don't, however, recommend you make a drinking game out of it. Alcohol poisoning isn't fun.

00:00 A little housekeeping and a parodical intrusion from Auntie, and we're away...

04:10 Aaaaaaand they're off. A charming (read: dull) anecdote about The Boys' halcyon days in "old fashioned radio" and how they filled a no-news day.

09:10 A touching tribute to room temperature actor Patrick Swayze. What better way to remember the man's vast cinematic resume, than to compare him to Benny Hill. ...wait, what?

17:46 Correspondence Catch-up! Two letters; one with a late entry for last week's question, and another admonishing The Boys for insulting a celebrity.

23:50 Pickin' And Grinnin'; if this trailer's a-rockin', do come a-knockin'... for international news!

26:25 This Week In Stuff; the 'public service' section of the show, helping you make better media decisions. This week - hey, Manhattan! Here he iiissssss: Paul caught a Woody Allen movie, and "The Lady Eve", thanks to his progression through His Royal Highness Roger Ebert's list of 100 important movies that film fans must see. Also, he's been jammin' to some Clutch. (not "Clutch Cargo".) Spike's had a geek week, revelling in a recently discovered 1979 episode of the legendary kids' show "Tiswas", reading blogs that feature a treasure trove of local tv and ghost hunting, and gets mad that a low-quality interloper is taking The Paul And Spike Show's place in the iTunes top 100 podcasts.

52:17 The big question on Twitter and Facebook this week was: "What - if anything - do you miss the most about the 1990s?" As always, an awesomely overwhelming response from the Paul and Spiketeers whose suggestions ranged from music to movies to youth to hair. Yes - hair. Big apologies to RynoWV - technical difficulties mean that his message didn't get included. So, we'll print his answer in full here:
RynoWV - miss about the 90's? Sports dynasties. Pistons, 49ers, Braves, Yankees, Bulls, Cowboys. Teams I hated or loved, no middle. sorry for the typical American answer to your 90's question. I also miss seeing Tracey Gold on Growing Pains!
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