Friday, September 11, 2009

Episode #125: The Paul And Spike And Film Geek Show

The Paul And Spike And Film Geek Show, episode 125 - Original Radio Six International broadcast: Friday September 11th, 2009

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It's a great show this week, with award-winning blogger The Film Geek joining The Boys to talk about... well, it would have to be movies. I mean, I'm sure TFG can hold his own when it comes to other subjects, but he's the man when it comes to the silver screen. Getting a jump on the subject of this week's Over/Under segment, The Film Geek has already posted his top five movie bad guys and gals. Eager, ain't he?

00:00 The man's right; there's no time to open the show with a well thought-out pithy remark, it's BOOM! out of the gate and slap bang into what's happenin' in the world. Paul's Blue-Ray gets a fourth chance, Spike is Mr Sniffy McCough-Cold and you'll find out whether The Boys' parents kept them home from school so they wouldn't hear Obama's school-focused traitorous decent into evil, evil socialism.

21:43 Pickin' And Grinnin', radio's premiere global newscast that not only covers the stories that matter to you and have a global impact on the global world internationally, but also has banjos. ...oh, wait. I've just been informed that there's a local newscast in Kentucky that has banjos in it. And also, apparently, "fiddlin'." Bugger.

24:10 It's been a blockbuster summer of movies, and TFG puts in his ha'porth on the season's cinematic offerings. Screwball comedy "The Hangover" scores high, but "District 9" is trounced. Socially-aware Paul and Peter Jackson fan Spike aren't about to let him away with such slander. If you'd like to review a film (or films) for The Paul And Spike Show, or just discuss your week in stuff, email the show at the usual address. And, please, remember: if you're going to watch a movie, remember to pay full price at your local multiplex, watch all previews and advertisements, and buy lots of popcorn. Really. Regardless of the quality of MP4 and divx and how easy it is to obtain entertainment by... shall we say... less than legal means, nothing will ever beat the experience of shelling out seven bucks per ticket, having your seat kicked by a loud-talking, acne-ridden hobbledehoy, having to listen to one side of a cellphone conversation or being distracted by the sun-bright glow of a blank text message screen as a wanker fills in "LOL IM WATCHIN A MOVY WUT U DOIN" as slowly as he can. It doesn't matter how soul destroying the cinema experience has become... watch your entertainment legally.

50:35 Inspired by an emailer, we asked you on The Twitter and The Faces Book for your Over/Under on movie bad guys. And hoo-whee, not only did you respond in droves, it was all excellent! So in addition to hearing Paul, Spike and The Film Geek's lists of the most over-rated and under-rated movie bad guys, you'll probably also hear your own. The list included, in no particular order, peeps such as Heath Ledger, Kevin Spacey, James Earl Jones, John Travolta, Orson Welles and.... The Wiggles??

There's no doubt that you'll have something to say about the list. And I don't blame you. Send your thoughts to the usual address, and The Boys will mop up any broken glass of your misunderstandings and dissension on next week's show.

.....and Janet Leigh in "Psycho".


Thanks again to The Film Geek for coming on the show. Hey - do you know what? I think you would sound good on the show. No, I really do. You've got plenty to say (or something to promote) and we'd love to have you on. If you fancy being a guest on the worldwide radio phenomenon known as The Paul And Spike Show, get in touch via the usual address.


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Spike Nesmith said...

Further to the discussion about Ray Winstone in "Scum", here is the infamous scene I was talking about.

Oh - and a word of warning... if you've got the sound up, the language is entirely NSFW.

...carry on! XD