Friday, August 7, 2009

The Paul And Spike Show, episode 120

The Paul And Spike And Old Spike Show, episode 120 - Original Radio Six International broadcast: Friday August 7th, 2009

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Them good lookin' boys is back, after a fortnights' R and R. (Or maybe it was a fortnights' D & D, and they're just embarrassed to say...)

00:00 Ahh, there's nothing like the music of a convicted international kiddy fiddler and porn peddler to herald a happy comeback, is there? I believe Limbaugh did the same, once. The Boys spend (waste) some time worrying about the origins of "how old Cary Grant" and "it's only a movie, Ingrid". Meanwhile, Spike has a stroke.

03:20 Time to sift through the correspondence - Following Old Spike's statements of hatred for The Society Of Diagonal Walkers, The Boys read an email from someone who needs a societal name for people who press elevator buttons when they're already lit, and pedestrians who don't speed up their road-crossing when they see a car coming. Any suggestions? Oh, i just BET you do! send them to the usual address. Also, Robin decypts last week's show, and the boys mourn film director John Hughes.

21:56 Can you even imagine a world where Peter Sissons or Tom Brokaw delivered the news in their usual stoic fashion.... but with the added twist of being mashed off their cheezeboxes on meth, wearing dungarees and a straw hat, missing most of their teeth, and drinking from a giant jug that says "XXX" on the side? You, my friend, have just entered the nightmarish world of Pickin' And Grinnin'.

24:32 This Week In Stuff! The section of the show where The Boys discuss what they've been inta. Paul's been watching Looney Tunes and Flintstones DVDs; Spike can't stand the Flintstones, so sparks is a-gunna fly. He's also been amazed at the prognostication skills of Kevin Phillips (bonnnggg) in his snappily titled book, "American Theocracy: The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century". Meanwhile, Spike's been geeking out over his DVD of the legendary British music show "The Tube".

50:00 Over/Under this week is about movie sequels. Spike's got some 'splainin to do about his unders. Agree/disagree? Email the usual address and let 'em know.


Next week on the show, Sony award winning broadcaster and the busiest man in Scottish radio John Collins joins the boys. Do you think you'd be a good guest on the show? Fancy dropping by for a chat? Email the usual address and let them know. Hey, you can even plug whatever gubbins you want.


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