Friday, July 17, 2009

The Paul And Spike And Old Spike Show, episode 119

The Paul And Spike And Old Spike Show, episode 119 - Original Radio Six International broadcast: Friday July 17th, 2009

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Final Old Spike appearance (until fall) in which The Boys cover a myriad of subjects. It's all for naught, of course, because all you'll remember of the show is "Ay Carmella".

00:00 Oh boy, Paul's had a crappy week - and things aren't made much better by Old Spike's violin impression - his week sounds like three episodes of a bad sitcom (except nobody got trapped in a refrigerator). You'll be shocked to hear what Old Spike considers to be the "happy days" of parenthood.

03:18 Paul's care package arrived! He refuses to spoil the surprise ending of "Under Milk Wood", although there is a brief reading of a lost Dylan Thomas poem. Hmm. Oh, it sounds like dinner arrived! Mmmm! Love those chewing noises and plate/fork dings!

11:44 whooop! whooop! whooooop! Mail's here! Some top-shelf correspondence from the Paul And Spike Show's awesome audience this week; one of whom offers to pay The Boys $20 per "exactly", one of whom has "a wee haunfae o' thoughts", and there's a couple of FM-style 'shout outs'. Old Spike gets started on how much he hates the "tricksy camerawork" of modern documentaries and busts wide open the existence of "The Society Of Diagonal Walkers" and their affiliation with "The Society Of Sudden Stoppers (local 137)".

25:10 In a segment that would be hilariously titled "Top Of The Pops" if we could stand listening to it every week, Old Spike regails The Boys with a version of the (illegal) Spanish Civil War song "Viva la Quince Brigada". Good news! Not only can you read the lyrics here, you can hear a version that seems to have different words by clicking here. Different words??? Ay Carmella!

30:22 Do you like your news and current affairs punctuated with banjos, washboards and moonshine? Then Pickin' And Grinnin' is for you, boy howdy!

33:07 Wow - Robin's vast email continues from the last segment, planting seeds for a riveting conversation about the origins of words. Wait.. "riveting" means 'dull', doesn't it? It doesn't? Oh.. never mind. There's more politics ahoy, including more on Arah-Say Alin-Pay, JFK and Johnson. TPASS is right up to date this week!

47:17 Thrown on a desert island and given The Bible, The Complete Works Of Shakespeare and a set of encyclopaedias, a la "Desert Island Discs", what one book would you take? The Boys discuss their choices, but we want to know what you would take. Email us at the usual address and let us know what, and why.

Now! All together! Viva la Quince Brigada, rumba la rumba la rumba la! Viva la Quince Brigada, rumba la rumba la rumba la! Que se ha cubierto de gloria, ¡Ay Carmela! ¡Ay Carmela! Que se ha cubierto de gloria, ¡Ay Carmela! ¡Ay Carmelaaaa!


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Muze Euterpe said...

I keep thinking there should be a new show or 2 up. Am I missing something? Are you on vacation?

I'm starting to Jones here.

Anonymous said...

We're on a two-week veeecataion. I suppose we should have said something, huh? If only there was some large web-like collection of computers upon which one could easily share infornmation....

Muze Euterpe said...

Boy, you steel tawk like yer un ellyan.

No buddy sez veeecation. Its vaaaaaaayyyyyycashen.

Gu lerd.

Have fun ya'll.