Friday, May 29, 2009

The Paul And Spike Show Podcast: episode 112

UPDATE! All previous problems with RSS and downloading this episode are fixed! You are now free to move around The Paul And Spike Show.

The Paul And Spike Show episode 112 - Original Radio Six International broadcast: Friday May 29th, 2009

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00:00 A quick glimpse at "the second album of the century".

02:07 Aaaaaaaaand they're off. There's a quick update on whether Paul has seen Star Trek or not yet, and how Roger Ebert manages to occasionally surprise.

13:39 Drinks update: The Boys talk about why they're slurring and laughing at their own fingers. Do you drinkalongaPaulAndSpike? What do you drink? Email the show and tell 'em. Furthermore, what do you think of the suggestion for The Birthday Show? Yay or nay? Email.

22:08 In the news this week, Obama picks a supreme court nominee. The RNC (Rush/Newt/Cheney) are spitting chips about her, calling her a "reverse racist" and an "affirmative action pick", The Boys talk about whether they're right, whether a supreme court pick's background actually matters or not, and whether Judge Judy (really!) would be a better nominee.

30:47 Oh blimey, we almost forgot! Pickin' and Grinnin', in which The Boys dissect the week's news with a banjo.

33:07 This Week In Stuff! Paul's squirreled his bald head away to watch Popeye DVDs, wave farewell to his ipod and play with his new Zune, but it's a big Stuff week for Spike with two new podcasts about pirate radio on shortwave; one tremendously dry but informative, and the other - Pirates' Week - fantastically entertaining AND informative. And geeky. This leads on to a discussion about the pros and cons of shortwave radio, what (if anything) there is out there to listen to and if it's worth putting the time and effort into. Also, Apple; do they knowingly overprice their products to create a culture of wants and gots? If you're an Apple Faithful (or a reverse Apple Faithful), we'd love to hear your thoughts. Email The Boys with your insights.

1:11:33 Your input is needed for The Paul And Spike Show Hall Of Fame! What (or whom) would you like to see inducted into the PASS-HOF? And for what reason?


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Muze Euterpe said...

See, I know you have a lot of listeners. So I always feel strange posting and emailing because it seems like not many people do. Don't wanna be seen as a stalker .... unless you WANT a stalker ... then I might fill in for a while ... but if you don't want one I don't wanna be one ...

Anyway, so is the "donation" button legitimate? Or is it just something to pad Spike's pocket.

Maybe someone would like to sponsor ... but how would you know how much it costs to be a sponsor.

Where's my drink .....

Spike Nesmith said...

Yes! It's legit! Podomatic, the company who we use to distribute the cast, make a 'tip jar' option available to pay for bandwidth.

Sponsors would be nice - we already have The Book Exchange on board, which is awesome, but since we do the podcast for love rather than money, we're not in a big tizzy over cash. Yet. Do people really want to pay for it anyway? I don't think so... Maybe we should advertise for 'account executives' like the cable companies do!

You can stalk us anytime! It would be hilarious to see the words "stalking" and "never-wasses" together on The Smoking Gun, that's for sure! XD

We love correspondence, but quite honestly, I think since most people listen on the go, they're not always right at an internet appliance to send an email, and by the time they are, they've forgotten. But that's OK. I'm just happy people are listening, we've gotten far far more listeners in twelve TPASSs than I ever got in *two years* of Rage Machines! (of course, that just means I'd finally have to admit that Paul's the talented one...)

Anonymous said...

Well, I've been made aware of your radio rep for years, but this is the first time I've gotten to listen. Now through two podcasts and love it. Plan to promote on my personal blog.

Muze, you already have my permission to stalk me.