Friday, May 15, 2009

The Paul And Spike Show Podcast: episode 110

The Paul And Spike Show episode 110: Original Radio Six International broadcast, Friday May 15th 2009

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Well, if this isn't the show that nets Our Heroes a Sony, then I'll eat my hat. (did I mention I have a marzipan hat?) It's a fantastic show this week, featuring our new Book Review Haiku sponsor, The Book Exchange! We've partnered with The Book Exchange's new online store to offer you ten dollars in cold hard voucher. How do you get your grubby, literature-starved mitts on it? Read on, dear reader. Read on. Also, The Boys are joined by a man from the forum of a website that specialises in death, to talk about watching video clips of people shooting themselves.

....I'll just let that sink in for a minute.

00:00 - A quick glimpse of a thrilling new show on The Travel Channel. Personally, I can't wait.

01:14 - Aaaaaaand we're off! Wait a minute here! Someone's not drinking! Someone is breaking the show tradition of having a drinkie during the broadcast! Tchoh!

07:53 - News! Yes! News! Getting back to their AM talk radio roots, The Boys discuss the recent suppression of pictures by the Whitehouse and whether it's a good thing or not. Obama thinks it is. The Boys also reveal a new upcoming "Sorry You've Become An Enemy Combatant" range of Hallmark cards.

17:37 - Pickin' And Grinnin'. It's the news delivery format that NBC, CBS and "Karriyn D. From Long Island's Totally Rad Newz Page!!!" are battling to purchase the rights to, where The Lads discuss this past week in news over a tall, cool glass of country music.

20:10 - Yes! A sponsor! The Boys unveil their new competition (thankfully sans a Spike-sung sig tune) in which your creativity could net you ten bucks at The Book Exchange specialises in both mass-market and rare books, all of which you can buy online. It's the fun of spending an afternoon in a used book store, without having to wipe dust off your fingers and onto your clean trousers every five minutes. All you have to do is write a Haiku Book Review; review, in haiku form, a book you've read (or want to read), and whomsoever gets picked out of the hat, for whatever reason we deem fit, will grab themselves ten bucks to spend at the Book Exchange's massive online store. If you win - and if you're quick - you could get "No Country For Old Men" for $2.50 RIGHT NOW! Otherwise, click here to see Coop's Picks for the month, on the Book Exchange blog. Believe me, after this segment, you'll never listen to "Money For Nothing" in the same way ever again. Send your haikus to The Usual Address, or post them on the FaceGroup Book.

25:05 - For This Week In Stuff, Spike wonders if Paul is rethinking his Star Trek movie boycott in the face of overwhelmingly positive reviews, and makes a big production about talking narcissism.

40:20 - Joined by the man with no last name - Michael - Spike reveals how he done got told by the frighteningly polite "Death Hags" at the Find-A-Death website forum. Oh, snap! (of the neck. on camera!) It all stems from a blog post, in which Spike talked about Christine Chubbuck, the first person to commit suicide on live TV. The self-proclaimed Death Hags at the Find-A-Death forum caught wind of the post and gave Spike the most pleasant and nonthreatening criticism he's ever had over the internet. And believe me, there have been some doozies over the years! As a result, Michael joined the show to help define exactly what a "Death Hag" is, and what it is in the human psyche that makes us want (or not want) to see gruesome videos and pictures. The Boys cover the background and the future of the Chubbuck case, the recent discovery of comedian Tommy Cooper's death tape, and discuss their feelings on watching both R Budd Dwyer's last moments on the evening news and Tommy Cooper's last moments in a variety show. Death Hag Michael's reaction to watching both might surprise you.


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