Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Paul And Spike And The Film Geek Show, episode 111

The Paul And Spike And Film Geek Show episode 111: Original Radio Six International broadcast, Friday May 22nd 2009

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00:00 Drat! And double drat! Yet another week that the Paul And Spike Show sock puppet has to go back in the box. Curses! Paul is "sub-meh" thanks to allergies, but legendary blogger Marc The Film Geek joins the show to add 33% filmy goodness. Thanks to peer pressure, the boy's come prepared to run with the big dawgs. Spike ting-ting-tings his bottle/can hybrid whilst Paul And Marc discuss the relative hotness of Ariel the Sorceress off of tv's "Thundarr The Barbarian". Ye-e-e-e-e-sssss.

18:25 Pickin' And Grinnin'... And Pickin'! Marc joins The Boys in the painful pun-o-rama newsfest that covers the week in current affairs, and smells like moonshine.

20:34 This Week In Stuff, where The Boys discuss what they're "inta". Spike learned something from a documentary, Paul's having issues with death and a dirty screen and Marc has discovered a new comic book series in which a good superhero turns bad. It's no Shakespeare... but it is Irredeemable. Oh, and by the way... ceiling ghost grandma is watching you masturbate. {{shudder}}

31:40 Over/Under - Warning, ma cherie: zeese segment contains gratuitous Boyer. What with "The Feeeelm Geek" himself in town, O/U could only be about movies, right? The Boys pick '80s Movies' as their subject, and Marc thinks his Over might be a shocker! There's two movies you've probably not seen, one movie that wasn't as popular as the one that came before it, and a visit by the ice cream truck. Also: Which recent cinematic masterpiece did Spike's mum classify as "the gayest movie ever made", and does non mean non? Oui, Pepe, vous bête dégoûtante!

1:00:50 The results of last week's Haiku Book Review yields a bounty of joy from the TPASS audience who are a bunch of frighteningly smart folks. Which makes you wonder what the hell they're doing listening to THIS pile of bilge. Who wins $10 to spend at And what did they review? I don't know if are having a sale, but it's two for one week at the 'Gen-X Ice Pun Shop'.

1:03:30 Marc talks about his upcoming Star Trek blog post, and Paul digs his heels in further about not seeing it. His three-word pre-review: "it looks atrocious".


Marc did an awesome job. And he'll tell you that we didn't bite. If you think you'd be a good guest on the show, email the Usual Address and let us know. Whether you have a specialist subject, something to plug, or you just want to hang out and chew the fat, you're always welcome. Skype's your best option, but we'd also be happy to call you on the phone to join in, too.

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The Film Geek said...

Thanks for letting me hang out, guys. It was loads of fun! Star Trek comin' up this weekend! :)

Muze Euterpe said...

TFG - I think you did a nice job! Props & snaps to Paul & Spike for opening up to guests.

The ability to access the podcast is great! I can't always listen live (as opposed to dead) so I love the option of listening other-than-live-but-not-dead.