Friday, April 10, 2009

Podcast 106: The Paul And Spike And Old Spike Show

The Paul And Spike And Old Spike Show: Original Radio Six International broadcast, Friday April 10th 2009

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What a bonanza show! In a feature-length visit from Spike's Dad Old Spike, the boys talk movies, documentaries, and why Paul feels like a battered wife.

00:00 After the obligatory intro (do you like the new music, by the way? We change it every five shows or so), The Boys talk about the traditional show beverage, and Old Spike extols the healthful virtues of drinking copious amounts of red wine. There's also an intervention of sorts, as Spike tells Paul why he's worried about his intake of bourbon.

05:30 What impact has Obama had in the UK? Old Spike shares his experiences of what Britain thinks of O, and somehow manages to link El Presidente to... I kid you not... The Blessed Oliver Plunkett Ceilidh Band.

08:55 Old Spike's brother, Slightly Older Uncle Spike, was construction gaffer for then-Pope John Paul II (this time... it's even John Paulier!)'s visit to Scotland back in the early 80s. Devoted atheist Old Spike talks about how he gave away sections of "The True Carpet" to Catholics of his acquaintance. Spike's a little worried that, when the time comes, St Peter's not going to be quite as amused at his lies to those eager carpet grabbers.

17:34 The boozy threesome cast a wry eye over the week's current affairs as Old Spike is roped into "Pickin' And Grinnin'!"'d never guess he used to be an actor.

20:19 More medicinal red wine (which leads to some ham-fisted clunking of microphone stands) and The Boys are ready for This Week In Stuff. Paul's not impressed with the ending of "Life On Mars", but consoles himself with "the second-hottest sci-fi babe of all time" Erin Grey in his Buck Rogers DVD collection.

23:45 The talk turns to documentaries, and The Boys have a great suggestion for Ken Burns to cover in a new 9-day doco series. Spike shares the things that drive him batty in the genre, and Old Spike has a few objections to the music track of "The Century Of Warfare". You'll be humming that - and the Dollar Bin DVD "Dragnet" soundtrack - for days!

36:17 Paul's expertise is called upon to see whether Old Spike (whose computer/gadget skill level is roughly that of a baby chick's) would benefit from a Kindle, or whether he should stick to his analogue books.

46:17 Over/Under! It's a specially extended edition of the popular feature where The Boys pick over this list of the American Film Institute's 100 greatest American films. What do they agree with? What do they disagree with? What's there that shouldn't be? What isn't there that should be? What's that sporadic thumping noise? If you want to share your thoughts on their comments, email the show and let them know!

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