Friday, April 17, 2009

The Paul And Spike And Old Spike Show podcast, episode 107

Gentlemen how are you!! Somebody set up us the broadcasting equipment!!

The Paul And Spike And Old Spike Show: Original Radio Six International broadcast, Friday April 17th 2009

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The Boys embarked on the first Away Game of TPASS this week, moseying on down to Paul's house to record the show. The show has an... um... "unique" sound to it thanks to a few technical problems.

The film discussion rolls on where it left off last week, and The Boys talk about whether one can be sympathetic of Nazis on film (two minutes la-teeerrr), Paul ponders the films we liked but never want to see again, Spike makes a hardcore pornography reference in front of his Dad, and - get this - Old Spike drops a "Zero Wing" reference! Kick. ASS.

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Heather said...

Mrs Miniver! I mentioned her long ago, she was my Gran! both my grans one rich, one poor! it was very honest for the south east middle class woman, still tough an on the front line, but propaganda all the rage.
I will elbarberate at some point ( allans refusing to spell for me for some reason, I am dyslexic so I call to he all night but he is on strick (sorry) for some reason I know the word looks wrong but I don't know what is wrong!