Friday, April 3, 2009

The Paul And Spike Show Podcast, episode 105

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Ahoy, me hearties! It's a top shelf show this week, with The Boys fired up and ready to go.

00:00 Bob Dylan fans aren't going to want to miss the news about his new and exciting release! Conversely, people who don't like Bob Dylan are also going to love this news about his new release! Work that one out!

03:50 After Spike kicks his shoes off and the wallpaper starts peeling, the boys compare their in-show drinks. If you drinkalongaPaulAndSpike, email the show and let them know your particular imbibation! This leads on to Paul revealing the secret Higginbotham family Margarita recipe from close to the border, and a discussion on the differences between Mex, Tex Mex and Taco Bell.

20:15 And it's time for The Boys to examine this week in news via the gift of country music, in "Pickin' And Grinnin'!"

22:39 This Week In Stuff! Paul is disappointed that the American version of "Life On Mars" is finishing, and they discuss the differences between ABC's re-imagining and the original BBC version. Spike's been watching a 26 year old discussion about so-called "Video Nasties"; horror movies that the British government tried (and succeeded) to ban under the Obscene Publications Act. DJ Shadow gets eleven spins in a week from one of the boys, and Zelda's ocarina gets dissed! Oo-er, that sounds a bit rude!

50:49 Over/Under, this week about albums. Meatloaf, Pink Floyd and KISS are mentioned, but in what order? And by whom? Just who is this shady Chrisine Levine, she of the unfindable album?

If you're prepared to spend twice as much as The Amazing Delores' album, you could own the elusive "Awkward Angel" by Christine Levine. Yes! A mere buck (plus shipping and handling) will get you the album by the only artist in music history who Spike allowed to smoke in his studio, twelve years ago. Where is she now? What happened to her? Is one of the finest rock voices of her generation washing up crusty dishes at the International House Of Pancakes? Or did she change her name and finally get the recognition she deserved...? If you know, get in touch. We'd be fascinated to hear!

1:17:17 We find out Whoooooooooo Is Nicking My Hot Water last week, and you'll have seven fresh days to figure out whooooooo is nicking it this week. Three correct entries from last week, but only one can win. Will The Boys pay attention to the winner's proviso? Can they improvise a limerick before time runs out? Listen and see. HEAR! I meant 'hear'.

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Tim said...

Gotta agree with Paul on both the over and under this week. Pink Floyd has always been one of two bands that the rest of world reveres as perfection and the epitome of awesome that I...... just never got. (The other band is The Doors, BTW)

By all accounts, I should love Floyd. Gilmore is an amazing guitarist and Waters is an amazing songwriter and musician and the band does all these endless songs with complex arrangements in a style I just love. You put it all together aaaaaaaand....

I just can't find a single song in their catalog that moves me in any way. It's so uninteresting to me that I can't listen.

And Music From the Elder is an album that even Gene Simmons practically disavows nowadays but I still love it!

Hopfrog said...

Floyd for me was only exceptional through Meddle, Piper, and Wish You Were Here.. I'm only luke-warm on the rest of their catalog, but those three hold up well against the Holy Trinity of any band. I know most people would put The Wall And Darkside in the bands Holy Trinity, but I prefer the three that I mentioned. I suppose due to the influences -or- participation of Syd Barrett wrt those albums.

Barrett was the heart and soul, imo, of the quirky rock band with tongue and cheek and vicious irony. Instead of space rock, it was orbit folk or something like that. Acid Folk.

Paul Higginbotham said...

Acid Folk? That is awesome.

I suppose both Floyd and The Doors are similar in that you either "get" them or you don't. Like Hoprog I appreciate Floyd's older stuff.

The Doors have a pretty low brilliant-to-shite ratio, but when they were on they were on, almost mystical at times IMO.