Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Paul And Spike Show Podcast, episode 102

The Paul And Spike Show, episode 102.
Original Radio Six International transmission, Fri March 13th 22.30 UTC.

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Ahoy! Ahoy! It's the second episode of the multi award-losing Paul And Spike Show Podcast - featuring ten glorious* minutes not in the original Radio Six International broadcast, including a brutal parody of the BBC World Service's "World, Have Your Say" show (a reference that will tickle the comedy prostate of literally two to three people) and a discussion on how "throttling a tiny bride" leads to a potentially broken hand. Ouch.
*your results may vary.

Those Good Lookin' Boys, traditional drinks in hand, discuss the differences between an historian and a "The Simpsons" fan and make some uncomfortably off-colour borderline racist references to what Alexander Graham Bell's wondrous invention has become. Paul can breathe! But at what cost? He's been Nettipotting; sounds like a class-B drug, but it is - as Spike points out - a nose-douche. Seriously! Look!

Oh sure, we can mock... but who can breathe? And in a special non-geek-alienating special bumper video games edition, The Boys talk about the single most violent game on the Wii, the single most violent game on the PSP, court controversy as they reveal their Over/Under on what games are over rated and which are under rated, and an emailer discusses his love for the arcade game "Defender". If you've got any thoughts on The Boys' picks for Over/Under, or you'd like to submit your own, email the show.

There's a winner for last week's "Whooooooo Is Nicking My Hot Water?" with a name that needs noodling when it comes to the prize of having a limerick written about them, but the burning question is this: whooooo is nicking the hot water THIS week? Eh? D'ye know? It's someone in the news... Have a listen and email us when you have the answer. The prize this week is a haiku, because that's easier when you're up against the clock. Don't say we don't love you.

The Paul And Spike Show is broadcast on Radio Six International Friday nights from 10.30pm UK time, 6.30pm US Eastern (UTC is 4 hours ahead of US summer time). It's also broadcast on World FM at 88.5fm in Wellington New Zealand on Saturday nights at 7.00pm NZ time, and streaming online Friday night/Saturday morning at 1am US Eastern, 6am saturday morning UK time.

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Angel said...

Yay!!! I'm downloading it now as I type. At my next semi-religious sex-orgy cult meeting, I'll definitely let everyone know :)

Chimp Jones said...

You are big jam doughnuts with cream on top.. Great show but a bit hinked out by the nettypot! Still, as long as it keeps the air flowing for Paul :)

The Film Geek said...

You were my first iTouch download!

Spike Nesmith said...

awesome! I so freakin' want one it hurts my nuts. You'll enjoy the next show, some film geekery abounds!