Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Paul And Spike Show Podcast, Episode 103

The Paul And Spike Show episode 103, oroginally broadcast on Radio Six International, March 20, 2230UTC

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A bumper "bloody hell, we talked that long?" episode of the Paul And Spike Show, featuring twenty - that's right, TWENTY - minutes viciously slashed from the Radio Six International transmission.
  • Right from the get-go, there's what we in the business call a "false start" whereby we make you think you're listening to one of NPR's extremely helpful advice shows. And maybe you are, we'll never tell.
  • In segment one, starting at 2:10, The Boys tackle that most important of subjects; Paul's nose douche! Yes, it's a Nettipot update! Then, they gently sift through some of the correspondence from the past seven days; one good, one frighteningly authoritarian.
  • At 15:44, the boys don them's banjos and them's gee-tars to cover the week's news in a Pickin' and Grinnin' stylee.
  • This Week In Stuff (at 18 minutes past) runs the gamut, from high cultured literature to a TV show about a guy with a mullet who kills bugs. Really. Oh, and Paul has ditched the hallowed, geek-favourite VLC player in favour of the KM Player for all his video/audio needs. Shocking!
  • At 36 minutes, The Boys have a (psshhewwwwww) FLAASSHBAAACKKKK! (pewpewpew) and review a couple movies of old; Paul's rediscovered George Lucas' "Howard The Duck" and gives it a fascinatingly positive retro review, and Spike has been watching the Pet Shop Boys 1988 movie "It Couldn't Happen Here", which also fares better than anyone expected. What were they THINKING?
  • Oh dear. Some disagreements at 54 minutes in "Over/Under" as the boys discuss the most over-rated and the most under-rated music acts of the 1980s. To say there are some surprises here would be rather a large understatement. Does Paul really compare a heavy metal band to the great composers...?
  • No winners last week in the competition that simply everyone (currently broadcasting) is talking about, "Whoooooooo Is Nicking Spike's Hot Waterrrrrrr?" Can you guess whooooooooo is nicking it this week? And do you know what they're talking about? The new edition is at 1:15:30 - if you know whooooo it is, email the show. No winner last week means that this week is a rollover, so you'll have two haikus written about you, if you can identify the newsmaking water thief.

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The Film Geek said...

Howard the Duck Rulz!!

Angel said...

If you are going to host a "cheesy movie night", Howard the Duck is one you HAVE to show. Best watched while complete hammered. Personally, it hurts my brain to watch it.

I have to agree on both of your "overs" and "unders". Good call, guys!

I dated a guy who wore eye liner (for the shock factor). In fact, he wore more makeup than I did. It was a lot of fun to put makeup on him. Like a living doll.

Most enjoyable show :)

Paul Higginbotham said...

@TFG: I'm trying to get Spike to watch it so he can experience the awesomeness.

@Angel: Thanks! Glad you like the show.

Rick Lee said...

It's all garbled sounding. Is this a common problem? I tried it with both Firefox and IE.

Chimp Jones said...

There was a little audio garblement in a couple of spots but nothing major..I actually liked Howard from the get go..dunno what that says about me :P

Rick Lee said...

I tried it later and it's not garbled now. Just a fluke of some sort.

Spike Nesmith said...

Are you sure that's not just me talking? I was told by a former boss that nobody could understand me, after all... ;)

Tim said...

I have to call you out on a point of research Paul. Nobody in Metallica ever went to Julliard. But I do still recall finding out how good they were live when you and I saw them in Indy at the Van Halen Monsters of Rock show back in 1988!! Those were the days when your hair was long and mine was short.

And in defense of my pal Mike (the boss), Spike has to understand he accidentally stumbled across a forum hosted from a server in Mike's living room for a tight knit bunch of geeks who all used to practically live together. Seeing an unfamiliar name suddenly pop up invokes a sense of, "Who the hell is that? Must be a eff'n spammer or some such useless person. I'll handle it."

Paul Higginbotham said...

Thanks, Tim. Don't know where I heard that rumor about Metallica and Julliard. Thanks for setting me straight.

rebecca said...

Yay! Downloading right now so you can make my long, boring commute more interesting. :D